Amazing Grace

This week’s song challenge, both easy and advanced, is Amazing Grace. This song first appeared as an English Hymn with a different tune than the one we’re most familiar with today. It was written by Jon Newton a former slave trader turned church clerk and hymn writer.

In the 1960’s the song became an anthem of the civil rights movement. We honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s memory with this week’s song selection.

Check out this powerful and immensely soulful rendition by Aretha Franklin:

Easy Song Challenge Task:

This week I would like to focus on rhythm! Amazing Grace has a 3-beat pulse. We count each measure like this: “One, Two, Three”. Earn your 10 points this week by demonstrating for me how you can count aloud and clap the rhythm for any four measure section of the song.

Print your music here: Amazing Grace Easy

Advanced Song Challenge Task:

Same song different challenge. Advanced students must earn their 10 points by demonstrating they’ve learned the entire melody as written, AND harmonize the melody with chords underneath.

Print your music here: Amazing Grace Advanced

Good luck!!



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