“Two years ago I was suffering from lower back pain to the extent that it was difficult to sit, walk, or sleep. Putting socks on was nearly impossible. By mid-year I was taking way too much ibuprofen just to make it through the day (sometimes as much as 1800mg). By the end of June that year I went in for an MRI which showed I had herniated S1 disk and two other smallish bulges in other disks. I tried chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture to no avail. I had friends who went through this and recommended surgery. I was feeling desperate and scared that I would never regain the mobility that I once had. Luckily my insurance partially paid for PT which started in July. 6 months of physical therapy saved me and I made it back, got off the painkillers and regained most of my mobility by the end of the year.
Midway through the physical therapy, in October of 2017 I started taking Alexander Technique lessons with Christine Johnson at Montavilla Guitar Studio. I knew very little about the technique but I had an open mind and wanted to help build Christine’s client roster by learning first hand what Alexander Technique is all about. After more than a year of weekly lessons I am convinced that these lessons really saved me. The physical therapy helped get me moving again, but AT has given me the tools to keep me from injuring my back again. I learned that my habits of internalizing stress and anxiety were causing the physical injuries that I was experiencing. In addition, I started to observe that my habitual response to anxiety was something that I could learn to change. Alexander Technique has impacted my relationships, my habits as a performer, as I utilize the tools to help me not internalize my response to stimuli. My weekly lessons keep me “organized” as Christine likes to say. I am injury free, playing sports again, and finding that I can free up my creativity by working on my “habits” with my wonderful teacher.”
– Neil Mattson
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