“Whether you are an actual beginner or someone looking to clean up their technique and re-energize their practice regimen, I highly recommend the Group Guitar for Adults at Montavilla Guitar Studio!

All of the classes I have attended have been over Zoom. Being new to doing this kind of group class over Zoom, I was surprised at how deftly information was handled both over audio and onscreen, integrating song recordings and tablature PDFs, and the classes are recorded for easy reference.

Finally, every interaction I’ve had with the folks at Montavilla Guitar Studio has been both professional and positive!”


Portland, OR

“Our teacher’s calm demeanor and excellent teaching skills have made it easy for my son to feel comfortable during lessons and to grow confident in his skills.  MGS creates an environment where he feels inspired and committed to become the best musician he can be.  My son says that his guitar teacher is the nicest and best teacher he’s ever had.  Not the best music teacher he’s ever had, but the best teacher of all different teachers he’s ever had!


Portland, OR

“I really appreciate how MGS teaches, and they gets results.  My technique has improved significantly since I started taking lessons, and I am one of those that thought he could learn it on his own.  As for their teaching style, instead of making music theory the focus of each lesson, they bring it out in the context of songs I’m learning.  This way, lessons and practice are fun as I see the application of the theory.  There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to play along with a song I’ve learned”.


Beaverton, OR

“MGS can teach it all!  Rock, classical (Suzuki), jazz, theory, acoustic or electric guitar — they really listens to what your child is interested in and what a parent is hoping for.”


(Portland, OR)

“MGS has a great way of keeping the learning fun and exciting while teaching the important music fundamentals.  Their easy-going attitude is a real asset for working with kids”.


(Portland, OR)

“MGS has been a wonderful for my daughter.  They have inspired her with guitar.  She has written her own original music and lyrics, too!”


(Lake Oswego, OR)

“MGS has great teachers.  They keep my child interested in the subject by allowing her to choose from a variety of songs and pieces in different styles and genres.”


(Beaverton, OR)

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