The home stretch!

Now that we’re in concert prep mode for the next several weeks, I thought I would condense the Practice Challenges into one post. I’ve been assigning the first few on the list below in lessons, but here’s the entire list.

Good luck!


The following feats earn you 10 song challenge points each:

  • #9 – Routine Re-Charge! Record 5 days of practice with your parent’s initials.
  • #10 – Master of Keys: write out the key of your choice on an entire neck diagram.
  • #11 – Backwards Practice: play and previous SC in reverse!
  • #12 – Sing for your Song Challenge! Sing or hum the tune to any previous SC.
  • #13 – Like Clockwork! Play flawlessly any previous SC with your metronome (at any speed!).
  • #14 – Memorize and Mesmerize: play your song from memory start to finish!
  • #15 – Concert Prep Home Concert Style: play for and audience at home and get your parent’s initials.
  • #16 – Ready for Primetime! Record yourself playing your concert song and share with your teacher.
10 BONUS POINTS: Post your video to the MGS YouTube channel or the MGS Facebook page!
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