Hurray, the practice challenge contest has returned!

After a long summer off practice challenges are back and, of course, better than ever. In this week’s lesson you’ll get your song packet for the semester. The packet consist of eight songs, four  easy and four intermediate-level.

How it works: Each week I’ll post a new challenge on this blog. If you complete that week’s practice challenge you’ll get a star and your name goes on the leader-board. The challenges will be generalized so you can choose any song in the packet (see restrictions below under “other rules”) to complete that week’s challenge. For example, a challenge could be: “learn to play perfectly the last four measures of any packet song”. You choose the song for each challenge.

Bonus stars: For each weekly challenge a student can get more stars if they complete the challenge on additional songs. Because there are four songs in each level, a student can earn up to four stars per challenge.

Challenge due dates: Students have until the last day of the semester to complete their challenges.

Prizes: This semester’s prizes will be awarded to the top-three star collectors in the studio. Prizes will be a $10 iTunes card or equivalent.

Other rules: Advanced or intermediate students will not receive stars for completing song challenges on easy songs (unless approved by the instructor). Similarly, advanced students will not receive stars for completing song challenges on intermediate songs. However, it’s ok to work on songs above your level, but you still can only receive four stars per challenge. Your instructor will let you know which song group you are assigned to.

My hope is that the practice challenges will make practicing fun and provide a little external motivation along the way. The challenges are really just great practice strategies that will make you better, faster.

Good Luck!

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