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What is your student-to-teacher ratio?
We’re proud of our very low student-to-teacher ratio of four campers to every one teacher.
What’s the venue for MGS Rock Camp for Kids?
MGS Rock Camp for Kids is held at Montavilla United Methodist Church located at 232 SE 80th Ave, Portland, OR 97215.
Do students need to bring a snack?
Yes! Please kids should come to camp with water and a snack. We take several breaks throughout the camp day to make sure campers are focused and ready to rock!
Do you offer aftercare for kids whose parents can’t make the 2:00 p.m. pickup time?
Yes! MGS Rock Camp for Kids offers supervised after-camp care from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Mondays through Thursdays. Friday pick up is 2 p.m. for all campers. Click here for pricing.
Will my child learn multiple instruments?
Yes! Our philosophy is that musicianship starts with singing. Each camper will have the opportunity to gain basic skills in all the rock band instruments including electric guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and keys.
Will my child learn how to write music?
Yes! Campers will learn to write a song from start to finish. You’ll get to hear the finished product at our MGS Rock Camp for Kids Showcase Concert on the last day of each camp!
Will my child learn how to play in a band?
Yes! We teach youth musicians how to work together as a team to create amazing music.
Is there a discount if I sign up multiple children?
Yes! Please call us at the studio at 971-266-1647 for prices.
Is there a concert?
Yes! We love showing off how great these youth musicians are! There is a concert held at the end of each camp. Family, friends, and general public is invited to support these talented kids!
Who are you instructors this year?
Once again, Neil Mattson (MGS founder and owner ) will be returning to lead Summer Rock Camp! He will be assisted by MGS Teacher Alex Arnold and MGS studio manager Heather Peterson. Each camp will have special guest Teachers including Jasmin White, Liz Chibucos, Kirk Kalbfleisch, Zach Rizer, Chris Jackson, and Brent Follis.
Still have a questions? We’d love to chat with you! Email us at heather@montavillaguitarstudio.com or call 971-266-1647.
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