Oh Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)

Welcome back to the blog for Song Challenge 8, the last one for a little while–we’ll pick back up with our weekly song challenges after spring break!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day on March 17, 2016, I thought we’d explore a very old and famous tune, Danny Boy adapted from Londonderry Air by Fred Weatherly in 1910. “Air” is short for the italian “aria” and usually refers to a song-like vocal or instrumental composition (according to wikipedia).

It’s a sad lyric that is thought to reference a parent’s love for a son who is going off to fight in the war, though there are other explanations of the lyric out there too.


Get your 10 points this week by demonstrating your ability to play either the treble clef part or bass part of Danny Boy.

Danny Boy (Ukulele)
Danny Boy (Easy Guitar)
Danny Boy (Advanced Guitar)
Danny Boy (Bass)

Good luck!


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