Practice Challenge 9: Routine Re-Charge!

Welcome back to the blog! We’ve had a few weeks off from the song challenges to give everyone a chance to regroup and get caught up. After eight weeks of song challenges, and more than a dozen songs presented, it’s time we shift our focus. For the rest of the semester our weekly challenges will no longer be song challenges, but instead will be practice challenges.

We’ve got enough songs to keep us busy for a while. In our lessons last week you picked the ones that you really like and would like to continue working on. Over the next several weeks of practice challenges, I’ll give you a specific practice task or goal specifically designed to help you improve your practice, and your execution of the songs you’ve chosen to focus on. Sounds like fun, right?

We’re a week out of spring break 2016. Last week we checked in and got a plan for moving forward. Now let’s get our routines going again. I for one had a little dip in my practice during the week off, so I’m ready to make it happen this week!

Get your 10 points this week by demonstrating your ability to track your daily practice in your practice planner.

Note: Points will only be awarded to those students who practice at least 5 of 7 days, record their practice (hopefully on the day they practice and not in the car on the way to the lesson) and get their parent’s initials.

Good Luck!


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