Hi Everyone!

This semester there will be an easy and an advanced song challenge each week. I’ll explain the rules in more detail in your lesson but basically every week come to the blog to find the latest song challenge post. Advanced students are not eligible to earn Easy Song Challenge points. 

Easy Song Challenge

The easy song for this week is Ode to Joy, otherwise known as Joyful, Joyful, or the main theme from the final movement of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony

Download and print your scores here: Ode To Joy (guitar)Ode To Joy (bass), or Ode To Joy (ukulele).

Song Challenge Task: Pick any two-measure section of Ode To Joy. Demonstrate for your teacher how you might practice a 2-measure section of this song until mastered and memorized.

Advanced Song Challenge

We lost a legend this past week. David Bowie was a singularity in the world of pop music, art, and fashion and greatly influenced so many, myself included.

Song Challenge Task: Learn the guitar or bass part for the intro to Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie. This riff is the signature ear-catching part of the song and it’s only two measures long, but repeats four times…

Here’s your score for both guitar and bass: Ziggy Stardust Intro (guitar & bass).

Song Challenge guidelines

Each song challenge task is worth 10 points. Complete your song challenge tasks by the end of the semester to receive your points. Come to the blog to to find out the next week’s song challenge. Each weekly song challenge will post on Sunday night. I’ll make an effort to get these posted before 7 p.m. Advanced students are not eligible to earn Easy Song Challenge points. Ask your teacher who qualifies as advanced.

Good luck!


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