Lions & Tigers…

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Easy Song Challenge Task:

This week we continue our focus on rhythm and counting! The Lion Sleeps Tonight is a catchy tune with a fun rhythmic feeling and lots of notes on the up-beats! We’ll talk in our lessons about syncopation and practice counting: “1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and”.

Earn your 10 points this week by writing (in pencil) the beat numbers and the “ands” below the notes. I’ll explain more in your lesson!

Print your music here: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Eye of the Tiger

Advanced Song Challenge Task:

Eye of the Tiger presents an opportunity to work on a number of techniques in addition to requiring familiarity with reading and counting sixteenth-note rhythms. In your lesson we’ll work on alternate picking, and 3-note power chords, chord slides and chord vibrato, along with strategies for counting those funky rhythms!

Advanced students must earn their 10 points by correctly labeling the power chords in your music.

Print your music here: Eye of the Tiger

Good luck!!


P.S. I’m from Michigan, the Lions, Tigers, and Red Wings (maybe in a later post) are my sports teams.


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