Happy Valentine’s Day!

This week’s song challenges are in honor of St. Valentine’s Day. I’m going to keep it brief so I’m not late to dinner with my special someone…

One Love

Bob Marley’s music has always held a special place in my heart. His music grooves and swings, his band was always super tight, and his songs are uplifting and catchy. We’re going to focus on the swinging triplet-feel of One Love. In your lesson I’ll teach you how to practice swing eighths.

Easy Song Challenge Task:

This week we’re going to learn to “swing”! In your lesson I’ll show you the counting for One Love. 

Get your 10 points by demonstrating your ability to play and count aloud any four measure section of the song.

One Love Guitar
One Love Ukulele
One Love Bass

What I Like About You

I think this song was used in a commercial for Cedar Point way back when I was a kid. I can’t help but think of that when I hear it. It’s a great example of a 3 chord tune that rocks!

Advanced Song Challenge Task:

Here’s another chance to get accustomed to seeing big block guitar chords written out in standard notation. The rhythms are not that hard. Practice reading the chords from top down. See if you can come up with the most practical voicings without the TAB!

Get your 10 points by demonstrating your ability to play each chord voicing in the song’s intro.

What I Like About You

Good Luck!


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