Kennedy Verrett

Kennedy (he/him) is a pianist and composer whose scores can be found in a number of studio and independent productions including At The End of The Tunnel, Sightings, and This Is Us. As a musician, Verrett has performed with the Monroe Symphony Orchestra and Fullerton Woodwind Quintet. Lessons with Kennedy focus on nurturing a student’s interest in music and providing steps to improve technique and musicianship.


What age were you when you first started taking music lessons?
Tell us about an early music lessons experience that helped shape you as a musician or teacher?
In middle school, my band teacher allowed me to conduct a piece at our Spring Concert. It was such an honor and extremely humbling. That experience gave me a new respect for the art of making music with other musicians.
What are your favorite bands or musicians?
DakhaBrakha, Huun Huur Tu, Julius Eastman, Alberto Ginatera, Eminem, Lou Harrison, Harry Partch, Bob Marley, Ratatat, Amy Winehouse, Beyoncé.
Do you have a highlight of your music career so far that you would like to share?
One of my favorite highlights was recording my first movie score at Paramount Pictures at the historic Stage M scoring stage.
Describe your ideal student.
The ideal student for me is passionate about music, curious enough to continue learning and willing to practice gratitude along with scales.
Describe what your students should expect in their first few music lessons.
In the first few lessons students should expect to have fun, learn two maybe three songs, have a basic understanding of how to practice so that it is more fun and less tedious.
Why did you want to become a music teacher?
To teach is to learn. I would like to continue learning how to be better at the art of music. It also excites me when others are curious enough to want to share the musical experience. Teaching helps others to appreciate these curiosities and express themselves in a healthy creative way, is necessary for survival.

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