Tyson Stubelek

Tyson (he/him) has been teaching drums for the past 17 years. He holds an MM and GD from the New England Conservatory, and has toured internationally with numerous prominent musicians. He performs in a variety of stylistically diverse projects in Portland, and is dedicated to passing on positivity through the music community. Lessons with Tyson focus on technique, listening exercises, rhythm awareness, and the occasional music trivia.


What age were you when you first started taking music lessons?


Tell us about an early music lessons experience that helped shape you as a musician or teacher:
My teachings instilling me with the sense that with dedication and practice, anything is possible.
What are your favorite bands or musicians?

Top influencers on my personal approach to drums: Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Roy Haynes, Art Blakey, Philly Joe Jones, Jon Christensen, Brian Blade, Bill Stewart, Paul Motion… it is hard to stop with this list… okay, okay, one more… Keith Jarrett.

Do you have a highlight of your music career so far that you would like to share?
I’m so grateful to have played drums on some really great and creative projects, including Esperanza Spalding, Danilo Perez, and Darrell Grant.
Describe your ideal student.
A curious individual who is drawn to music for some reason (and hopefully thinks it is awesome, but maybe doesn’t know why).
Describe what your students should expect in their first few music lessons.
Checking out some great tunes, technique, rhythm awareness, music history, the odd science fact and/or random trivia on occasion.
Why did you want to become a music teacher?
The lessons learned and skills developed practicing music are highly beneficial in countless ways. I feel the information is worth passing on. Also, I like talking about music as much as possible.
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