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Angie Fritz

Tyson Stubelek


Tyson (he/him) has been teaching drums for the past 17 years. He holds an MM and GD from the New England Conservatory, and has toured internationally with numerous prominent musicians. He performs in a variety of stylistically diverse projects in Portland, and is dedicated to passing on positivity through the music community. Lessons with Tyson focus on technique, listening exercises, rhythm awareness, and the occasional music trivia. Read more…

Angie Fritz

Rebecca Conner

Guitar, voice, songwriting

Rebecca (she/her) holds a degree in music from the University of Oregon. She has over a decade of experience performing live and touring internationally, including as the front-woman of High Step Society, a band that played for crowds of thousands. She plays many styles, from bossa nova to pop. Lessons with Rebecca are individually catered to help build confidence and challenge students to grow in whatever direction they want to go. Read more…

Angie Fritz

Max Naseck

Piano, composition,

Max (he/him) holds a BM from the Thornton School of Music. He performs a wide variety of music on a regular basis and has played and toured with acts such as Maddie Poppe (American Idol winner). Lessons with Max focus on exploring the student’s creative interests — whether it be learning a favorite song, improvisation, composition, and more — while at the same time providing solid foundations in technique and musicianship. Read more…

Angie Fritz

Ben Turner

Piano, programming, theory

Ben (he/him), a Portland native, has been playing professionally in Portland since around 2009 and teaching since 2014. He attended Portland State University, graduating with a degree in jazz piano in 2016. He has toured nationally with Curtis Salgado and Dirty Revival. You might recognize his voice: he’s also been a host on KMHD since 2011. Lessons with Ben focus on technique, theory, improvisation, and building a repertoire. Read more…

Neli Mattson

Arcellus Sykes

Electric bass, upright bass

Arcellus (he/him) earned a degree in music from Western Illinois University before moving to Portland in 2003. Since then, he’s toured and recorded with a wide variety of artists, including Bright Red Paper and Tezeta Band. He focused on jazz for the first 10 years of his career, but has since developed a deep appreciation for pop and rock styles. Lessons with Arcellus focus on technique, theory, and picking apart tunes to find out what makes them “tick.” Read more…

Angie Fritz

Kennedy Verrett

Piano, composition

Kennedy (he/him) is a pianist and composer whose scores can be found in a number of studio and independent productions including At The End of The Tunnel, Sightings, and This Is Us. As a musician, Verrett has performed with the Monroe Symphony Orchestra and Fullerton Woodwind Quintet. Lessons with Kennedy focus on nurturing a student’s interest in music and providing steps to improve technique and musicianship. Read more…

Katie Aufenthie

Dennis Aydemir

Guitar, bass, ukulele, songwriting

Dennis (he/him) holds a bachelor’s degree from the Berklee College of Music. He began actively teaching music at the age of 13, and playing live at 14. He has toured as a guitarist in Turkey, as a solo musician in Europe and Japan, and has played for crowds of thousands. Lessons with Dennis dive into musical creativity and expression using tools such as songwriting, lyric writing, guitar harmony, learning popular songs, and more. Read more…

Angie Fritz

Madeline Pape

Voice, piano

Madeline (she/her) studied music at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. She participated in numerous choirs, including the professional choir, Nova Singers. Madeline is singer/songwriter, performing under the name Begonia. Madeline is passionate about teaching kids to incorporate self-love and compassion into their music. She has an open communication style and caters to each individual student’s needs. Read more…

Neli Mattson

Jack Harmon

Guitar, ukulele

Jack (they/them) holds a bachelor’s degree with a focus in guitar performance from UC Santa Cruz. They were raised by musical parents, one a former concert promoter, and the other a children’s sing-a-long teacher. Jack performs regularly with their jazz-punk band Blood Honey. Jack teaches ukulele and guitar to students as young as five years old. Lessons with Jack help students develop a passion for music in a fun and energetic way. Read more…

Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson

Voice, Alexander Technique

Christine (she/her) has a master’s degree in vocal performance from Washington University in St. Louis. Christine is certified to teach the Alexander Technique through the St. Louis Center for the Alexander Technique. Christine performs locally and is known for her expressive, intelligent performances of early music and art song. Christine helps students overcome challenges related to performance including injury and anxiety. Read more…

Katie Aufenthie

Timmy Barnett

Strings, piano, guitar, ukulele, banjo

Timmy (he/him) holds a master’s degree in performance from Ball State University. He has played for numerous orchestras, and also performs a wide variety of music such as experimental rock with !mindparade, traditional Irish with the Indianapolis Ceili Band, and even electroacoustic. Lessons with Timmy take a holistic approach to learning, touching on everything from theory, to composition, to playing by ear. Read more…

Angie Fritz

Kate Morrison

Concert, tenor, and soprano ukulele 

Kate (she/her) performs with Kate & The Crocodiles and is a featured guest soloist with Pink Martini and the Utah Symphony. She has many vocal competition wins to her name including the National Arion Award for Music. Kate began playing ukulele, tenor guitar, and banjo to develop her own songwriting. Lessons with Kate are individually tailored to meet the student’s needs, covering chord progressions, strumming and fingerpicking. Read more…

Angie Fritz

Hayley McCurdy

Guitar, songwriting

Hayley (she/her) is a singer/songwriter with a BFA from University of Victoria specializing in theater, voice, and sound design. Hayley’s music is featured in film, musical theater, and radio. Her debut EP ‘Hypnotize’ was released in 2016 followed by her single ‘All In Spite’ in 2017. Hayley helps beginner guitarists and songwriters develop their guitar technique and learn about story, melodic structures, hooks, and proper vocal technique. Read more…

Neli Mattson

Ross Garlow

Bass, guitar

Ross (he/him) holds a master’s degree from Rutgers University in New Jersey. Originally from Philadelphia, he spent 5 years traveling the world as a music director for major production companies and cruise lines. Ross is very active in the local music scene in Portland. Ross has a decade of experience teaching private bass and guitar lessons. Lessons with Ross focus on developing the student’s passion for and understanding of music. Read more…

Katie Aufenthie

Kathy James

Piano, theory, jazz

Kathy (she/her) holds a degree in piano performance and music education from Portland State University. Lessons with Kathy make learning good technique, musicality, and sight reading fun! She works well with students of all ages who appreciate her calm and caring demeanor. Kathy believes music can be a lifelong joy for any learner, and as a teacher, the opportunity to pass that joy along to her students is immensely rewarding. Read more…

Neli Mattson

Brent Follis

Drum set, production

Brent (he/him) has a degree in music performance from Southern Illinois University. Brent has decades of performing, composing, producing, recording, and teaching experience. He performs regularly with singer-songwriters, jazz and pop artists, including Portland’s own Pink Martini. Brent teaches advancing drum students how to master great feel, uncover the nuances of each song, and create a unique and supportive drum part in any style. Read more…

Neli Mattson

Liz Chibucos

Guitar, mandolin, ukulele, songwriting

Liz (she/her) is a guitarist and songwriter with a degree in ethnomusicology from Bowling Green State University. She has toured the world performing and teaching with the U.S. State Department cultural exchange program. Liz performs locally with her funk-rock project, Far Out West. Liz has a background in classical, jazz, and American folk styles, and instills a passion for music in her students while helping them find their musical voice. Read more…

Daysmel Muniz

Alex Margitich

Guitar, ukulele

Alex (he/him) studied guitar and composition at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Alex has toured internationally, conducted choirs, and wrote and produced songs that have been featured on network TV. Currently he produces synth chamber pop and performs under the name Telecommuter. Alex teaches a variety of styles including pop, rock, and jazz. Alex loves helping beginners create a strong musical foundation. Read more…

Neli Mattson

Kirk Kalbfleisch

Drum set

Kirk (he/him) is a freelance drummer that performs with several touring bands including World’s Finest, Coco Columbia, and Toothbone. Originally from Las Vegas, NV, Kirk attended the University of Portland, where he continued his studies in jazz drumming. Since graduating in 2015, Kirk has been an active member of Portland’s local music scene. Kirk gives each student a strong foundation in technique, rudiments, and stick control. Read more…

Neli Mattson

Neil Mattson

Guitar, bass, ukulele

Neil (he/him) is a guitarist, composer, educator, and the founder of Montavilla Guitar Studio, a destination for anyone seeking support on their musical journey. Neil has taught more than 17,000 lessons during the past 22 years. During that time he has developed a unique approach to teaching music that centers on building students’ confidence. Neil’s work is delivered through private lessons focused on developing musicianship skills. Read more…

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