With schools closed and social distancing becoming the norm, we are so thankful to have the opportunity to follow through with our obligation to you by continuing to offer music instruction remotely through various online platforms.

“My kids have both done their guitar lessons online since the beginning. It works well for us! A lot of parents will be so happy to have this part of their kids’ lives stay normal.” –Libby T.

It’s a good thing we have this option. A prolonged closure of the studio would likely mean that we would have to close our doors permanently.

On the positive side, music lessons are something you can count on during these days home with so many activity and event cancellations. Music lessons can bring some normalcy to these stressful times.

Please note: If you have a hardship that prevents you from honoring your music lessons agreement, please contact our studio manager, Hallie, to review your options.

We’re getting great feedback about remote lessons from some folks who were a little uneasy about the adapting to the format change:

“In my first remote lesson last Friday, I admit I was nervous, because I am not very good with technology and don’t like being on a video. I used my iPhone. I don’t have a holder, so I fiddled around with books and my book shelf. It took a bit of fiddling esp. to not block the lens! I turned up the volume, and that was it! Neil still gave the awesome instruction that he always does, and I came away with a new thing to practice.”  –Mary B.

If you are unsure about remote lessons, or need help getting set up, don’t worry our staff will connect with you this week to make sure we’re ready to go for our next lesson!

Tips for remote lessons

Remote lessons can work well as an alternative to in-person lesson time with your teacher.

Here are some tips to make the most of your remote lesson:

  • Please prepare for the remote lesson in a space that is free of distraction and noise, and try to avoid backlighting.
  • Get set up prior to the start time and do a test!
  • Make sure your device is charged.
  • Set up so that your teacher can see your instrument and your hands (varies depending on instrument).
  • Make sure to have your music, a pencil, and any other materials usually provided by the studio or your teacher.
  • Do your best to tune up before you call!

Call us if you need help getting set up (971-266-1647).