Why We're Different

Excellence in Music Education

At Montavilla Guitar Studio we help our students get the musicianship skills the need to excel at making music in any style. Our expert instructors teach it all: guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, piano, flute, voice, drums, songwriting, and Alexander Technique. Truly the best music lessons in Portland!

Students at MGS develop their musicianship in five essential areas:

  • correct technique
  • rhythm training
  • aural skills
  • note reading
  • practice planning.

It’s the complete package approach to learning an instrument that gets results and makes learning rewarding and fun!

Montavilla Guitar Studio ensembles performing at TaborSpace

Goal-Centered Curriculum

We don’t offer shortcuts, tricks, or cheats. We do offer a thoughtful comprehensive curriculum designed to make a musician out of any dedicated learner.

Group learning through Classes and Ensembles

Playing music together is part of the Montavilla Guitar Studio experience. The benefits of playing in a group are many. You get to have fun playing with other growing musicians. Musical concepts sink in deeply when experienced in real-time group performance scenarios. Bonds are formed when we come together as a group and share our struggles and triumphs in music.

Take the TAB Free Pledge!

Our curriculum centers around learning to read music on the guitar. So many of today’s beginner guitarists are guided down a path of promises and shortcuts by well-meaning teachers using TAB as substitute for real musical learning. These shortcuts leave the guitarist untrained in so many crucial areas of musicianship. MGS is proud to be one of very few studios to offer guitar lessons in Portland in a TAB Free learning environment.

Having a great time learning to play. I really enjoy Neil’s teaching style and as someone with a strong musical background, he has helped keep things interesting and fun to learn. I’m sure he is awesome with those without musical experience as well.

Lindsey G.

Portland, OR

Let's Play!

Follow the link to schedule your Guitar Awesomeness Kickstart Session, a free 45 minute lesson where we play, chat, and find out if we’re a great fit.

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